Rolex Datejust 1601 18k Malachite


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Rolex Datejust 1601 18k Malachite

Malachite was first known to be mined as early as the Neolithic era, around 3,800 years ago, in an area of limestone headland in Wales, Great Britain. Since antiquity, malachite has been utilized in decorative arts and adornments for its vivid green palette and spectacular banded and swirled patterns. Malachite was even ground and used as paint pigments, most notably by Italian Renaissance painter Pietro Perugino in his Natività located in the Church of Saint Francis in Montefalco, Peruggia.

This specific malachite dial displays beautiful uniform bands, made by slicing and polishing a larger banded mass of malachite. Rolex clearly was extremely selective in choosing the specific slice of malachite, further affirming their mastery of applying of such delicate natural materials as watch dials. Typically, the most harmonious and attractive banded specimens of malachite are found in Central African deposits.

The present Datejust, produced in , pairs the resplendent malachite dial with an immaculately preserved yellow gold case with fluted bezel. It combines the exotic, the elegant, and absolute rarity sure to delight the nascent or experienced collector alike.

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