Cartier Tank Paris Jumbo Automatic 1970s 18k Yellow Gold


modelTank Jumbo
case materialYellow Gold
bracelet materialCrocodile

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Cartier Tank Paris Jumbo Automatic 1970s 18k Yellow Gold

The Jumbo is also the only Tank Louis Cartier equipped with an automatic movement, Caliber 170. The difference between the Jumbo and other Louis Cartier Tank models becomes immediately clear when the watch is turned over. While the Tank Louis Cartier is known to have a flat case back, the Jumbo has a round thickening that gives away the fact that there is an automatic caliber inside this case with more height than the hand-wound calibers the line usually offers. Cartier opted for an automatic ETA movement that it was re-named to become Caliber 170. That same caliber was also used for the automatic version of the Cartier Ceinture watch. At first glance the back of the automatic version looks a bit odd, but on the wrist it is not noticeable at all and the watch just looks perfect. What a cool and ideal size this is for those who find the classic size to be on the small side, yet still love the vintage appeal of an older Tank Louis Cartier.

This particular example has been carefully preserved and is in excellent condition. The dial has a lovely overall cream patina with some small blemishes almost imperceptible with the naked eye. The cabochon is original with the beautiful spinel shape, and the unsigned buckle is 18k gold.

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